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The aim of Psychology Page is to provide a concise, high-quality introduction to a wide variety of psychology topics. From Alzheimer’s disease to Z-scores, from cognitive dissonance to mirror neurons. It is a resource for students, teachers, and people who are interested in psychology or science in general.

Every two months a new article will be published (although this mainly depends on my motivation to write). I hope this will spark your curiosity to learn more about the fascinating field of psychology.

How to use this website?
If you click ARTICLES in the navigation bar at the top, you will get an overview of the articles that have been written so far. To visit other psychology and science websites on the internet, click LINKS. To get in touch with the webmaster, click CONTACT. Click HOME to return to the homepage.

Every article consists of approximately 500 words, so it fits on one page (hence the name of the site). All of them are accompanied by a clarifying picture, a funny cartoon or an interesting video clip. References, related articles and publication date are added to the right.

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