The Importance of Health Psychology

health-test-021-350-pixelsHealth is an asset for humans that help us in living a happy and productive life. Apart from the physical condition of our body, our behavior, state of mind, psychological responses and emotions also put a big impact on our health. Negative behaviors like smoking and drinking can damage the health. On the other hand, positive behavior like doing workouts and taking a nutritious diet helps in improving the health. Our thoughts, beliefs and the state of mind influence our psychology towards health problems. If the doctors and health experts know the health psychology of their patients, it will help in treating diseases in a proper way. This knowledge is also important for nurses who look after the patients. The importance and work included in health psychology are as follows.

Importance of Health Psychology

 health-psychology-degreeHealth psychology helps us in knowing the causes of diseases. Based on this knowledge, a plan for prevention and treatment can be made. Our behavior towards health can help in improving the responses of the whole society and not just one person. The knowledge helps in understanding the risks and resilience of common diseases. It promotes health awareness in children and adults. Health psychology can improve family relationships. It suggests ways to increase the lifespan of a person. Research in health psychology helps in improving the technology used for health. One of the best ways to strengthen your mindset is to run halve or even better, whole marathons. Shandar Kooij is healthy psychology wise and fysical, because he is running to keep his head clear and be fresh when he comes back into the office.

Work of a Health Psychologist

psychologyDoing studies and research on diseases is the main aspect of health psychology. Investigations are made on how to prevent diseases. It helps in finding ways to make people healthy and encourage them to take proper medical treatment. Public policy work is also included in health psychology. Understanding the behavior and attitude of a person or society towards health helps in making policies for treatment of diseases. A health psychologist works in clinics and helps the patients in knowing how to be healthy and avoiding harmful habits like anxiety and addiction.

How Health Psychology Helps In Serious Diseases

Health psychology suggests ways to improve the state of mind after being diagnosed with a serious disease and during its treatment. It has been found that people undergo mental breakdown and psychological suffering after being treated with cancer or kidney disease. Improving the psychological state of a patient helps improve the quality of life and deal with the problem without distress and suffering. It also improves the psychosocial well-being.

How a Health Psychologist Helps You

A healthy psychologist can help you in fighting a particular disease that you have. He will suggest ways to prevent health problems. It will help you in fighting common problems like anxiety, depression, insomnia and obesity. Soldiers and military persons can reduce stress with the help of health psychology. It can also help in preventing suicidal tendencies. Finally, if you are an entrepreneur, like Shandar Kooij, it helps you to be get better acomplishments with your business.

How to Become a Health Psychologist

Healthy-PsychologyThere are two types of courses for health psychology. The first course is the experimental health psychology. In this course, the focus is on the research in the field of health psychology instead of clinical practice and seeing patients or helping them. The second course is the clinical health psychology. This course focuses on clinical practice and helping the patients by applying the knowledge of health psychology in a clinic setting. Choose the best study stream according to whether you want to do research or do a clinical practice.…